Lonely path or road to possibilities


Journey is defined as: an act or instance of traveling from one place to another.

Life is a journey which implies that it is in a constant state of moving from one place to another to another to another. Time will not allow things to remain the same and for most this is a very terrifying realization but, for me, this indicates that no matter how bad or good things get your circumstances will change. It is impossible for things to always be bad and it is unrealistic to believe that things will always be good. We need to have this balance between the two in order for us to strengthen known skills and acquire new ones.

It is also important for us to step outside of our expected environment and explore the unkown. In place of that yearly trip to the same location why not try a new State or Country. Think of all of those unique perspectives gleaned through the eyes of foreign cultures. You may also find that even though they are on the other side of the world you still have so much in common. How amazing a concept is that, to find that you share the same concerns with that farmer in Japan or you laugh at the same type of jokes as the plumber in Ireland. This world was here long before we were and I'm sure that it will be here long after we pass. It is big and small beautiful and ugly majestic and terrifying, but we are a part of her and we are only afforded a limited amount of time on this planet to get to know our shared mother.