Step Back, Exhale and See the Beauty


Appreciate all the moments granted us that are not guaranteed. It is so easy to dismiss or take for granted the 31,536,000 seconds that make up each year of our lives, however each one of those seconds that pass represents a moment that we will never get to live again.

Appreciation defined: to grasp nature, worth, quality or significance of – to value or admire highly – to judge with heightened perception or understanding – be fully aware of – to recognize with gratitude – to increase the value of – to increase in number or value.

As you can see there is more to “APPRECIATION”, than gratitude. We are all connected to this world and connected to each other. Whether this fact is acknowledged or not it is a fact of life. There is strength in that connection and there is security in the acknowledgment that we are not experiencing all that life offers us alone. The best way to tap into that connection is empathy.