G -Train Program

With the Group Training Program you share your session but not your regimen. Meaning, unlike bootcamps, you will not be required to complete the same exercises as someone else participating in the same session. Your particular program will be taylor made to suit your goals and your fitness level.

True wealth is found in the quality of your relationships.


There is something really special about sharing your time with individuals who are aspiring to make the same positive changes in their life that you are. A natural support group forms organically and if you are strangers at the start you will likely become fast friends during your shared journey. Link ,.

Your fitness experience should be enjoyed and your regimen should compliment your goals. Where I see a lot of routines go wrong, is that they focus too much on what's working for someone else instead of discovering what works best for them.Link,

Have fun with your routine and change it up often. Keep your body guessing. I also recommend that you find other activities away form the gym such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking and trail running.

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