Athletic Development

With this program athletes 6 years old and up will learn techniques that will aid them in the development of their athletic ability and help them cultivate their natural talent using fundamental skills.

Will determines your level of success.


Flexibility, balance and core are the most important components with regard to athletic development. You must develop the necessary control over your body to enable it to move how you need it to move efficiently and effectively.Link. Athletic development is not sports specific, the skills you learn can be applied to whichever sport you choose to play. If can even be applied to obsticle course competitions, martial arts, swimming and other water events like water polo and wake boarding.

Agility is all about small corrections, which allow you to change direction with minimal displacement. These techniques needs to be learned and practiced on a regular basis.Link. Strength and power are also very important but they need to be developed progressively and never at the detriment of flexibility and balance. Depending on the age and experience of your athlete it may be more beneficial to spend more time on flexibility and agility first before focusing on strength and power training for large gains.

When we practice and play sports we only become better at that sport, but sports however, do not make us better athletes. In fact every athlete that returned to train with me in their off season were always less athletically inclined than before the season began. There is a very good reason for this and it speaks to the effeciency of the human machine. There is a way to train during the season to insure that the techniques you work on during your off season are not loss during game play but it has to be accomplished in a way that does'nt take hinder your ability to compete at a high level.

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